Parvati Pranam Infrastructure
  • Second fastest growing economy in the world
  • GDP growth at 8.8% CAGR between 2003-08
  • Domestic Tourism in India experienced a growth of CAGR 13.6 percent during 2005-10
  • The Foreign Tourists visiting India increased by a CAGR of 8 Percent during 2005-10
  • One of the fastest growing states in India, with GDP growth consistently in double digit even during economic downturns
  • Gujarat accounts for more than 30% market capitalization of India
  • High level of industrialization: Investment equivalent to over US$ 184 billion underway
  • Offering a highly productive and peaceful workforce in the country
  • Excellent infrastructure in terms of power, road and availability of skilled & unskilled man power.
  • Highest number of Airports - 11 - among all the states in India with Ahmedabad an international airport
  • Frontrunner in the country production of many industrial products.
  • Some of the niche educational institutes located in Gujarat (IIM, NID, MICA etc.)
  • Excellent law and order situation and social living - Ahmedabad is the best city to live in India as per a survey conducted by Times of India in the year 2012
  • Proactive governance by state to develop tourism and related infrastructure in the state. The tourism growth averaged to appx 13.2 percent during the period 2005-10. It has been increasing at a faster pace owing to government campaign such as “Khushboo Gujarat Ki”.